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16th-May-2010 08:22 am - HP Springtime Gen
Adrian Pucey
Just found this today, though it's been posted for almost two weeks. My writer for the springtime_gen trade gave me a great set of character pieces that explores Percy, Ernie and Padma's trials and tribulations during the last book. I can't decide which I liked best as they were all so well written.

Percy, Padma and Ernie, oh my
26th-Apr-2010 10:40 pm - I Saw Myself (Peter/Felicia)
Adrian Pucey
Title: A Look in the Mirror and the Surprise that Came With It
Rating: G
Pairing: Peter/Felicia
Prompts: Far 'Water and Solutions'
Summary: Felicia matures over time
AN: for jtav who asked if Peter/Felicia was too much to ask. Written in the time it took to start and finish the Water and Solutions album, then edited while listening to Washed Out. Sorry for the lateness of the fic. If there's a piece in this you want to see expanded a bit, then let me know and I'll see what I can do :)

Everything happens so much faster here.Collapse )
26th-Apr-2010 10:29 pm - A Long Time Coming (Lysander/Roxanne)
Adrian Pucey
Title: A Long Time Coming
Rating: G
Pairing: Lysander/Roxanne
Prompts: Grandaddy 'Sophtware Slump',
Summary: Their daughter's growth
AN: based on a request by drcjsnider who asked for Lysander/Roxanne with a child. Written in the time it took to start and finish the Sophtware Slump album, then edited while listening to Washed Out. I do apologize for the lateness of it. If there's a part of this you'd like to see an expansion let me know and I'll see what I come up with :)

I'm prepared for thisCollapse )
11th-Apr-2010 10:08 pm - 'lo all
Adrian Pucey
Hope this finds you well. If you're interested, I'm taking requests again for drabbles. I've found myself with a bit of spare time and I want to make sure I use it productively so if you've got a pairing or character from Harry Potter, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Marvel Universe or the DC Universe then feel free to make a request and also let your friends know too. I'll take them till Wednesday. Thanks.
11th-Apr-2010 09:52 pm - Rose and Scorpius Scraps
Adrian Pucey
Title: Maturity and All Its Little Gifts
Rating: G
Pairing: scorpius/rose
Prompts: lots
Summary: scorpius and rose's relationship
AN: written for many, many months ago in hopes to actually finish a drabble table. I did not, but drcjsnider convinced me to post it anyways. For some reason it took me to another three months to go just that, so here it is. I should warn that it is un-beta'd. This is it, warts and all.

BeginningsCollapse )
4th-Mar-2010 09:55 pm - guest strips and life in general
Adrian Pucey
Hello all, long time no update. First off, thanks to ceirdwenfc for the recommendation of Adventureland. Finally watched it with my wife and really enjoyed it.

I did a guest comic strip for www.boecomic.com a couple weeks ago and I'll be doing another for odoripark.com The creator of boe (Back on Earth) is currently looking for an artist and apparently me and a couple others are in the running. The test is to illustrate one of his scripts, at least that's what I think. I doubt I'll get it because at least one of the artists is much better than me (this isn't just me asking for pity, this is truth. I've seen the other guys work).

Oh well, that's about all I got for now. Hope everything is well with you guys.
Adrian Pucey
Title: Maturity and All Its Little Gifts
Rating: G
Pairing: Wolverine/Rogue
Prompt: Silver
Summary: Late night conversation
AN: written for [info]vegablack62
comic strip: Midday

Logan grinned cynically...Collapse )
Adrian Pucey
Title:Jealousy, Third Barstool to the Right
Rating: G
Pairing: Neville/Hannah
Prompt: Palindrome
Summary: Neville observes Hannah while she's at work.
AN: written for vegablack62
comic strip: Per Chance To Dream

AhaCollapse )
16th-Feb-2010 08:23 pm - Neville and a 4 book theory
Adrian Pucey

Just happened upon this t-shirt by chance while checking out Sam and Fuzzy's store and thought you all might enjoy.
15th-Feb-2010 05:01 pm - Photo Ob-servation
Adrian Pucey
TitlePhoto Ob-servation
Rating G
Pairing: Scorpius/Rose
Prompt a picture of Amy Adams
Summary just how close to the real thing is a photograph?
AN: written for drcjsnider

Scorpius had been doing it for...Collapse )
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